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Originally created for my two nieces to help keep them creatively engaged. This book was designed with both kids and parents/guardians in mind. Some of the pages purposely contain bounds so that the kids do not overshoot the page and accidentally draw on furniture. I used a minimal amount of color to keep the prints cost effective. The book was designed to keep children entertained by giving them specific tasks to follow. As a parent/guardian you can create rewards if they complete the task correctly.



The character is based on me, the name is a play on the words Box and Head (a physical rectangle for the shape of the head as well as the act of boxing or fighting). The hair is based on my hairstyle. The left eye was designed as a swirl eluding to my disability to clearly see from my left eye due to a condition called astigmatism. The stitches evoke the numerous cuts sustained throughout my fight career.

Kids BoxHead Creative Workbook

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