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Get access to authentic Muay Thai courses taught by Thailand champion Ognjen Topić and other elite coaches and fighters from Thailand.

Over 500 instructional videos covering drills, pad work, fight strategy and more... 


19 years of experience from a 3X World Champion & Omnoi Stadium Champion. 6 years living and fighting at elite stadiums in Bangkok.


Suitable for all levels.


Guest appearances by elite coaches and fighters from Thailand.


No watered down Muay Thai. These courses teach only real and authentic techniques, exactly what you'd learn at elite gyms in Thailand.






*Omnoi Stadium Title is one of 3 prestigious titles to win in Thailand. Ognjen is only the 4th foreigner to have won the title  since 1984.


Ognjen Topic Titles


Ognjen Topic Muay Thai Champion
Ognjen Topic Muay Thai Champion
Ognjen Topic Muay Thai Champion


Omnoi Stadium Champion


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AMERICA'S NO. 1 FIGHTER OGNJEN TOPIĆ. In the current world of finite focus, overstimulation, and sensitivity, figures such as Topić stand out among the rest. A product of a war torn environment, Ognjen’s threshold for discomfort and challenge carved the path of his career. Ognjen is one of the select few foreign fighters to compete in the world’s highest rated shows and most prestigious arenas. Topić's    resume includes performances on commonly known shows by mainstream media such as Yokkao [Opponent: Saenchai], Lion Fight, Muay Thai Grand Prix, Triumph [Madison Square Garden], all whilst simultaneously traveling to Thailand in the pursuit of becoming a stadium champion; competing in the sport’s mecca — the prestigious stadiums of Lumpini, Rajadamnern, and MAX Muay Thai (Ch. 8).    Worldwide recognition has come due to Ognjen’s relentless display of technically sound, tricky, but traditional and raw Thai Boxing utilized in victories over Thai and Western champions alike. Having trained alongside stadium champions for the past 10 years, in a top 10 ranked gym in Thailand, Ognjen’s pursuit is far from over.


His relentlessness was bred into him from his early childhood, fleeing in the middle of the night from Bosnia to reach safety in Serbia before immigrating to the United States at the age of 9, modeling after his father’s creation of opportunity, but pursuing his passion for fighting in anarchy to his family’s wishes. The chapters of his story are only in the stage of commencement. European Born, Thailand Bred, American Freed to live and tell the tale. 


Ognjen is also an award winning graphic designer, you can view his creative work at


Ognjen Topić is a  IKF World, MTGP, Lion Fight Lightweight World Champion, WBC, WKA National & Omnoi Stadium Champion in Muay Thai.



Ranked No. 1 in the USA (Super Feather Weight Division)

WKA North American Champion (Lightweight Division)

WBC North American Champion (Super Feather Weight Division)

IKF World Champion (Lightweight Division)

Muay Thai Grand Prix World Champion (Lightweight Division)

Former Lion Fight World Champion (LightWeight Division)

Voted 2011 North American professional rookie of the year by Muay Thai Authority. (MTA has over 1,385,000 fans on their fan page:

Voted 2011 professional fighter of the month by the WKA (World Kickboxing Association)

Voted 2011 Break through fighter of the year by Muay Thai is Life website

Awarded New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2012 Fighter of the Year

Awarded most “Fight of the Night” by Friday Night Fights in its history (



Ognjen is available for personal training. He conveniently offers flexible schedules and hours that will suit your needs. Open to the public, he teaches group classes Monday - Thursday.



Regarded as one of the most technically sound Thai Boxers in the West, whilst stateside, Ognjen is available for hire to teach seminars as well as aiding students with technical sparring, developing proper technique, speed and power. In addition to technical knowledge, he can also answer any questions about self-marketing, conditioning methods, mindset related information, and the judging of a Muay Thai bout.

  • Is Ognjen experienced enough to teach me Muay Thai?
    Yes. Ognjen has been involved in Muay Thai for the last 19 years. He is a 3 Time World Champion and an Omnoi Stadium Champion in Thailand (one of 4 prestigious stadiums in Thailand). Ognjen's ability to simplify and explain techniques paired with his knowledge of the sport will have you not only fully understand why, but how to put into practice and utilize the demonstrated techniques. Ognjen also regularly travels around the world teaching Muay Thai seminars.
  • Do I need experience to begin?
    No experience is needed. These courses are formulated with beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners in mind. The drills are explained in a simple to understand manner for all levels to understand. Coaches and fighters will also benefit from taking these courses. Coaches can relate the learned techniques and drills in their classes and fighters can implement the new skills in their sparring sessions and fights.
  • What's included in the TopicFight Development Series?
    The TopicFight Development Series is the starting point. In these courses, Ognjen teaches some of the most important principles in combat sports—Timing, Feinting and Faking. The TFD Series consists of 3 videos (over 5 hours and separate from the TopicFight Train By Topic Series). You can also purchase all 3 courses in a bundle and save $30.00.
  • What's included in the Train By Topic Video Series?
    Your PRO or VIP subscription includes the entire course library from the Train By Topic Video Series. Once you learn the Timing, Feinting & Faking principles from the TopicFight Development Video Series, now you can begin learning different techniques & tactics to apply the principles. The Train By Topic Video Series also includes judging & gambling courses as well as learning how to efficiently become a good coach and pad holder.
  • Is it possible to learn Muay Thai online?
    If you're a beginner, you can learn the fundamental aspects of Muay Thai online if the techniques are explained thoroughly and in a simplified manner. This is what Ognjen specializes in—the ability to break down the techniques and the thought behind the techniques so that they can be easily understood. If you're a moderate to advanced practitioner the drills shown in the courses can be used before your training session to either further practice or try out a new technique.
  • Can I train Muay Thai from home?
    Yes. You only need a small surface area to begin learning the techniques.
  • How do I train Muay Thai without going to the gym?
    You can begin by clicking here. On this page you can chose from 3 different ways to further your Muay Thai development. Begin by selecting the TopicFight Development Series, then the TopicFight Train By Topic Series and finally the TopicFight Do's & Don'ts PDF Series. It is recommended that you begin with TopicFight Development Series. Ognjen's courses are based on 3 principles—Timing, Feinting and Faking. The TFD Series consists of 3 videos (over 5 hours and separate from the TopicFight Train By Topic Series). Once you become proficient The TFD Series, head over to the TopicFight Train By Topic Series. These courses are part of a subscription which you can sign up to here. These videos are separated by topics which will further your Muay Thai development. Finally, you can check out the TopicFight Do's & Don'ts PDF Series. These easy to understand PDF's are designed as a supplement to the video series and your training.
  • Are your courses beneficial for MMA, Boxing or Kickboxing practicioners?
    Yes, especially the TopicFight Development Series. No matter what combat sport you train in, these principles can be applied to all combat sports.
  • How do I begin watching the videos?
    You can check out the TopicFight Development Series. Or, you can can sign up to a monthly subscription here to watch the TopicFight Train By Topic Series.



A 48 hour notice is required upon any cancellations of appointments. No call, no show appointment results in the loss of the session fee. Ognjen and the client will establish a means of communication in the case of a cancellation or emergency.


Ognjen is also available for on site training. Additional traveling fees will apply depending on distance and time. Personal training packages and fees are non-refundable.

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