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18years of knowledge, fighting the world's best fighters and training at Thailand's elite camps (PK Saenchai & Eminentair Gym)—Ognjen will demonstrate in easy to follow instructional videos. 

Detailed and systemized video series or simple and direct Do's & Don’ts in a PDF format.

Topic Fight Development
Train By Topic
Do's & Don'ts

The TopicFight™ Development Video Series program began when Ognjen started fighting  at the highest level. There was no one that can teach him the principles of elite level fighting so he realized what some of the most important aspects of fighting are and  systemized them through Timing, Feinting & Faking  which have now been compiled in  an easy to follow  process. These three courses are what helped Ognjen stand out at the amateur level and helped him fight  against opponents  with 3-4 times the experience he had at the highest level as a professional.


Located in STAGE 1 section.

One time fee  per video series.

Not part of the subscription plans and is   separate from Stage 2  TopicFight™ Train By Topic Video Series.

The TopicFight™ Train By Topic Video Series  contains  1-on-1 drills, pad work, best practices, judging and scoring separated by different topics. Contains everything you will need to further develop your fight  game. Although geared towards Muay Thai fighters, Kickboxing and MMA practitioners will also benefit from the video series. These drills were formulated with general, advanced practitioners, fighters and coaches in mind. Coaches can further develop their students skills  during class by following and teaching the drills shown in class.


Located in STAGE 2 section.

Monthly fee of $14.99 or yearly fee of $99.99  for all  TopicFight™ Train By Topic Video Series  videos.  

Included videos in the subscription plans and are   Separate from Stage 1   TopicFight™ Development Video Series.

The TopicFight™   Do's — Don'ts PDF Series contain a minimum of 8 pages of the most important Do's — Don'ts, mistakes that are regularly made, including elite tips on mental fortitude which can be applied to daily life. The tips are structured for Muay Thai and other combat sports. Carry these guides with you as a printout or on your smartphone for quick reference at the gym or the day of your fight.  

Easy to follow demonstrations.
Tips & tricks used in  Thai Stadiums.
Technique efficiency.
Mentality for fighting: focus, controlling with fear.

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  • Is it possible to learn Muay Thai online?
    You can learn the fundamental aspects of Muay Thai online if the techniques are explained thoroughly and simplified. This is what Ognjen specializes in—the ability to break down the techniques and the though behind the techniques so that they can be easily understood.
  • Can I train Muay Thai from home?
    Yes. You only need a small surface area to begin learning the techniques.
  • How do I train Muay Thai without going to the gym?
    You can begin by clicking here. On this page you can chose from 3 different ways to further your Muay Thai development. Begin by selecting the TopicFight Development Series, then the TopicFight Train By Topic Series and finally the TopicFight Do's & Don'ts PDF Series. It is recommended that you begin with TopicFight Development Series. Ognjen's courses are based on 3 principles—Timing, Feinting and Faking. The TFD Series consists of 3 videos (over 5 hours and separate fro the TopicFight Train By Topic Series). Once you master The TFD Series, head over to the TopicFight Train By Topic Series. These courses are part of a subscription which you can sign up to here. These videos are separated by topics which will further your Muay Thai development. Finally, you can check out the TopicFight Do's & Don'ts PDF Series. These easy to read PDF's are designed as a supplement to the video series.
  • Are your courses beneficial for MMA, Boxing or Kickboxing practicioners?
    Yes, especially the TopicFight Development Series. No matter what combat sport you train in, these principles are fully relatable to each other.
  • Is Ognjen experienced enough to teach me Muay Thai?
    Yes. Ognjen has been involved in Muay Thai for the last 18 years. He is a 3 Time World Champion and an Omnoi Stadium Champion in Thailand. Ognjen's ability to simplify and explain paired with his knowledge of the sport will have you not only fully understand why, but how to put into practice and utilize the shown techniques. Ognjen also regularly travels around the world teaching Muay Thai seminars.
  • How do I begin watching the videos?
    You can check out the TopicFight Development Series. Or, you can can sign up to a monthly subscription here to watch the TopicFight Train By Topic Series.
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