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2 hours of ring tested techniques. Available from 1 day to 1 week.


Living in Thailand and fighting out of one of the top gyms (P.K Saenchai) in the country has made Ognjen extremely knowledgeable about the sport. Seminars are based on 3 principals which have helped Ognjen fight at the highest level—fakes, feints, tricks & timing utilized from long range to close range (clinching). After the seminar, there is a Q&A session where participants can get access to the mind of a high performing individual. Ognjen explains what sets a high level fighter apart form an average fighter placing importance on fighting smart, using fakes, feints and timing to accomplish the techniques. He also talks about stadium scoring & betting, what the judges look for, what’s allowed/not allowed, what they favor/don’t favor. Ognjen is also available to help students and fighters for a longer time (up to a week) to help with technical sparring, developing technique, speed and power.

  • 2 hr
  • Contact for Pricing
  • Worldwide or Online


A 48 hour notice is required upon any cancellations of appointments. No call, no show appointment results in the loss of the session fee. Ognjen and the client will establish a means of communication in the case of a cancellation or emergency. Ognjen is also available for on site training. Additional traveling fees will apply depending on distance and time. Personal training packages and fees are non-refundable.

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