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You can hire Ognjen for  seminars — single or multiple days. Ognjen is also available for 1 - 1 personal training. This is the best option to  increase your technical, fight IQ, stamina or general fitness.

  • 1 on 1 Personal Training - 30 & 60 minute Sessions: At Gym or At Home.

  • 2 hours of ring tested techniques. Available from 1 day to 1 week.

New Jersey Muay Thai


Ognjen is  readily available for workshops in the New Jersey area.  He offers beginner or   advanced  workshops designed for competition.


America’s #1 Ranked fighter Ognjen Topic. In the current world of finite focus, overstimulation, and sensitivity, figures such as Topic stand out among the rest. A product of a war torn environment, Ognjen’s threshold for discomfort and challenge carved the path of his career.

Ognjen is one of the select few foreign fighters to compete in the world’s highest rated shows and most prestigious arenas. Topic’s resume includes performances on commonly known shows by mainstream media such as Yokkao [Opponent: Saenchai], Lion Fight, Muay Thai Grand Prix, Triumph [Madison Square Garden], all whilst simultaneously traveling to Thailand in the pursuit of becoming a stadium champion; competing in the sport’s mecca - the prestigious stadiums of Lumpinee, Rajadamnern, and MAX Muay Thai (Ch. 8). 

Worldwide recognition has come due to Ognjen’s relentless display of technically sound, tricky, but traditional and raw Thai Boxing utilized in victories over Thai and Western champions alike. Having trained alongside stadium champions for the past 10 years, in a top 10 ranked gym in Thailand, Ognjen’s pursuit is far from over.


His relentlessness was bred into him from his early childhood, fleeing in the middle of the night from Bosnia to reach safety in Serbia before immigrating to the United States at the age of 9, modeling after his father’s creation of opportunity, but pursuing his passion for fighting in anarchy to his family’s wishes. The chapters of his story are only in the stage of commencement. European Born, Thailand Bred, American Freed to live and tell the tale. 


Ognjen is also an award winning graphic designer, you can view his creative work at 

“I never look at anything else other then this moment. It takes away from what I am doing now [thinking about a year from now and yesterday]. I think that if you invest your energy into today and tomorrow. . . I mean, all that I have is due to not looking past today’s mission.” - Ognjen Topic


Ognjen Topic is a current IKF World, MTGP, former Lion Fight Lightweight World Champion, WBC, WKA National Champion in Muay Thai. He has been training at North Jersey Muay Thai ( since 2005.



» Ranked No. 1 in the USA (Super Feather Weight Division)

» WKA North American Champion (Lightweight Division)

» WBC North American Champion (Super Feather Weight Division)

» IKF World Champion (Lightweight Division)

» Muay Thai Grand Prix World Champion (Lightweight Division)

» Former Lion Fight World Champion (LightWeight Division)

» Voted 2011 North American professional rookie of the year by Muay Thai Authority. (MTA has over 1,385,000 fans on their fan page:

» Voted 2011 professional fighter of the month by the WKA (World Kickboxing Association)

» Voted 2011 Break through fighter of the year by Muay Thai is Life website

» Awarded New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2012 Fighter of the Year

» Awarded most “Fight of the Night” by Friday Night Fights in its history (



Ognjen is available for personal training. He conveniently offers flexible schedules and hours that will suit your needs. Open to the public, he teaches group classes Monday - Thursday.



Regarded as one of the most technically sound Thai Boxers in the West, whilst stateside, Ognjen is available for hire to teach seminars as well as aiding students with technical sparring, developing proper technique, speed and power. In addition to technical knowledge, he can also answer any questions about self-marketing, conditioning methods, mindset related information, and the judging of a Muay Thai bout.

SEAN MADDEN  Elevation Fight Team (Colorado)

If you are looking for a high-quality Muay Thai seminar, from an active fighter who has competed at the top level, this is it! Ognjen Topic is one of the top Nak Muay to come from the US and has competed against some of the best. He brings his extensive knowledge and experience to his seminars, combined with his high fight IQ, for a fantastic experience for all levels of Muay Thai. The seminars are structured and well-organized, which is always a plus. He trains with the students and leaves time in the end for a Q&A, which gives the students time to ask questions about his fight career and otherwise. His dad jokes are also top-notch. We have hosted many Muay Thai seminars at Easton Muay Thai, and OT's is easily the best experience so far!

CHRISTIAN TRAN Weapons 9 (New Jersey)

Ognjen Topic is one of the most technically proficient fighter to come out of the US. He has tested himself against some of the top Fighters on the world stage. We had him at our gym for several seminars and it was an amazing experience. He covered everything he uses in all his fights and  the drills and instructions were excellent. We hope to have him back often.

ROBERT ROGAN  Square Circle (New York City)

Ognjen is a very personable, technical Muay Thai professional athlete that has been consistently active for many years. He has been currently training out of PK Saenchai MuayThai Gym in Bangkok with fighting roots here in the Northeast.   We have had him at our NYC training center for a Muay Thai seminar and it was GOLD.


Through his stateside, international and stadium Muay Thai experience, he is able to create workshop programming for the students with regards to what works for scoring in fights, techniques that have worked for him, tempo changes and balance. He's organized and able to explain everything in detail. And he's a down to earth guy.   We were fortunate to have him teach a seminar before he left for Bangkok to prep for a fight there, and we were able to time our trip to Bangkok and go out to support him. if you have an opportunity for Ognjen to teach a seminar at your academy, do it.

DOMEL LIBID Nalu Nosara (Costa Rica)

Ognjen Topic hosted a seminar at our studio in Nosara Costa Rica.  It was an amazing week!   He is not only a knowledgeable and skilled instructor but also all around great guy.  Alongside with teaching classes at the studio, we did a demo at the local school and to this day it has inspired the kids to reach for their dreams.  We hope to see him back here soon!

RICARDO PEREZ Toro Muay Thai (Chicago)

Ognjen Topic is the best Muay Thai Fighter in America but not only is he a great fighter but also a great Teacher! That’s the main reason why I am bringing him out again and will do so every year!

JAMES T SMITH UFC Gym (New Jersey)

This guy is the best pure Muay Thai fighter in America, period! His technique, skill set and detailed drills are the best I’ve had. I can’t wait to have this guy back for a seminar at UFC Gym North Brunswick. Anyone out there looking for a good seminar for beginner and advanced, I recommend Ognjen Topic.

GENE BYARD Revolution Muay Thai (Virginia)

Having had Ognjen at my former gym for a seminar, I can say first hand that his instruction is top notch, and I would feel comfortable recommending him to anyone. He was able to adapt to all levels, from our fight team to our newer students. His attention to detail went above and beyond, and his ability to adapt what he showed to certain situations that our students brought up was extremely valuable.


While his technical instruction was extremely valuable, our students found his open Q&A session at the end just as valuable. They were able to ask about anything Muay Thai related...Training in Thailand, his own career path, training tips, etc. This was a nice touch and made a lasting impact on myself and my students.

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